Escrow Services In South Africa

on Mon, Oct 31 2016
If you’ve ever tried to buy or sell something through the classifieds, you’ll know that the process is fraught with fraud and worse, potential danger.

TradeSafe to manage the competition funds in MeTime/Samsung Launching People competition

on Sat, Jun 25 2016
TradeSafe, together with its partners MeTimeJobs, in association with Samsung Launching People, will once again be responsible for the management and disbursement of competition funds in a new Samsung Mixed Talents competition aimed at young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Small businesses are constantly trusting TradeSafe for their escrow needs

on Fri, May 06 2016
Small businesses are realizing that a payment process such as escrow is becoming quintessential in the ensuring a seamless payment process.

Protect yourself from payment fraud and scams: use an escrow service

on Thu, Dec 10 2015
Today, most escrow services are secure online portals but can be used to protect buyers and sellers trading through online marketplaces (Gumtree and OLX), traditional classifieds (The Star, Sunday Times etc.), or those who simply want additional protection when trading with people they don’t really know.

TradeSafe is on its way to Web Summit

on Thu, Oct 29 2015
TradeSafe has been selected to showcase at the most prominent tech conference in the world Web Summit 2015, the Davos of geeks. Click here to read our press release.

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