Endorsement of eblockwatch

on Wed, Feb 19 2014
We are delighted to announce that eBlockwatch has publicly endorsed TradeSafe. Andre Snyman, Founder and Owner of eBlockwatch says that it is about time that genuine buyers and sellers are protected when they want to buy or sell using online classified sites.

Investments & Exits

on Sun, Feb 02 2014

To appease working capital demands and shareholders’ constant demand for growth, companies may have to embark on aggressive acquisition drives which present a number of key challenges and risks. TradeSafe can assist you in successfully mitigating these risks associated with complex transactions.

Angry brides tell of wedding scams

on Mon, Jan 06 2014

Mariaan Stols cried when she walked down the aisle. But these weren’t a bride’s tears of happiness. She cried because she was angry. Angry, she said, because she felt her big day had been ruined by her wedding planner.

Woman pays R15 500 for two real apples

Posted in General Goods
on Sun, Jan 05 2014
An Australian woman paid £900 for two REAL Apples after trying to buy a pair of iPhones on the online classified site, Gumtree. Had the money been safeguarded in trust by TradeSafe, she would not have lost her money!

'Scam artist' hits Daisies fest fans

on Mon, Dec 02 2013

This article which was published on IOL highlights how a 'scam artist' left dozens of revellers high and dry outside the gates of the highly-anticipated Rocking the Daisies festival in Darling after he apparently sold them fraudulent tickets.

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