Domain name Scams

Posted in Web Domain Names
on Thu, Nov 28 2013
Integral Web Solutions wrote this great article on domain name scams.

Rental Scam

on Tue, Nov 26 2013
CAPE TOWN - A popular Cape Town drama company could find itself out on the streets, after falling victim to an apparent property rental scam.

Okay, so what is TradeSafe?

on Sun, Nov 24 2013
In simple terms, TradeSafe is a platform which a Buyer or Seller can use to buy or sell goods and services that they found on any of the well known online selling sites. When you find a product that you want to buy on one of the online sites, register on TradeSafe, and then contact the relevant party using the TradeSafe functionality. TradeSafe will ensure that the Buyer gets his/her goods in the condition that he/she wants it, and that the Seller gets his/her money paid over to him/her. We take away the risk of being scammed or defrauded.

SEO Scam

on Fri, Oct 25 2013

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the skilled process of creating greater website visibility on an Internet search engine such as Google. The ranking of your website on an Internet search engine will be dependent on how well SEO techniques are applied.

SEO is a skill and SEO experts cost money. Both the Buyer, the person receiving the SEO services, and the Seller, the one providing the SEO services, are at risk of SEO scams.

Cybercrime costing SA

on Wed, Oct 23 2013

Cyber crime is a national crisis costing the country a billion rand a year. The FBI in the United States listed South Africa as the sixth most active country where cyber crime took place. The article warns of the exponential increase of cybercrime and how no one can afford to drop their guard. It's a great example of where the TradeSafe escrow platform can protect your online presence. The benefit? With TradeSafe your security is assured.

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