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An enthusiastic art collector spots a Picasso for sale in an online private publication. The price is 30% off its intrinsic value, a sure bargain. The art collector then makes the big payment, and the Picasso is delivered the following day. He inspects it closely and notices that Picasso’s signature is on the wrong corner…a definite forgery.

Art and antiques are high value items where an inspection period for transfer is important. TradeSafe is the ideal platform to facilitate these deals. Simply find your item, and invite your counterpart to trade using the TradeSafe platform. Agree on a price and upload all of the details, pictures and documents into the trade.

Deposit the funds into our audited Trust account and we will notify the seller once your funds have cleared. They will send the item to the address you specify and you will have the pre-arranged inspection period to make sure you get what was advertised. If you are happy we release the funds. If not you can renegotiate on the platform or use our online arbitration service.

Art for sale: is it all a con?

Mon, Dec 02 2013

A couple paid R7 300 for six paintings that were apparently only worth R480 in what appears to be a possible art scam. If you use TradeSafe, you can negotiate the number of days to inspect the art pieces. Once you are happy, the funds will be released to the artist or gallery.

Online Classifed Sites

Tue, Sep 10 2013
While online peer to peer auction and classified sites such as Gumtree and JunkMail refuse to get involved in the delivery and payment processes of the goods and services procured on their platforms, TradeSafe has a different approach. We provide step-by-step email correspondence detailing the progress of each trade so you know exactly where you, and your money, are in the transaction process.

Personal safety is a concern

Mon, Sep 09 2013
Safety is becoming a key factor why online consumers are reluctant to buy or sell goods using online classified websites. In acts of desperation, criminals are resorting to malicious and insidious acts of violence to get what they want. At TradeSafe, we reduce this risk significantly. If you select our preferred courier service (launching soon!), you will never interact with the counterparty...if you are buying goods, the only information the counterparty will have of you is your first name and email address!

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