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TradeSafe has advantages for many business related transactions from investing or selling your business to trading with clients across international borders.

In respect of transactions, a common risk for the Seller is that the Buyer doesn't have the requisite funds or willingness to purchase the company as agreed. The integrity of collateral may also be falsified. A key risk for the Buyer is that the Seller may misrepresent what is being sold.

And what of cross border transactions? For example, you are provided a sample from a an overseas supplier who wants to sell you a large shipment of consumer goods. The shipment is critical for the growth of your business...but its cash upfront. The Buyer can trade through the TradeSafe platform, upload test results or specifications of the sample, and if the container arrives with an inferior product the Buyer will not lose his/her funds. TradeSafe has you covered every step of the way.

TradeSafe will safeguard the funds and documents in trust until the terms of the transaction have been met. If the counterparty is happy we will release the funds. If not, the parties can renegotiate the terms of the deal using our online platform. If all else fails, the parties can facilitate online arbitration on the matter!


Wed, Feb 14 2018
As online fraud in South Africa escalates, buying and selling goods using online platforms places both buyers and sellers at risk. After Jethro O’Brien, CEO and co-founder of, was duped while trying to buy car parts that had been advertised online, his idea for TradeSafe was born.

XAfricaMart launches B2B marketplace with integrated TradeSafe escrow solution

Thu, Jul 13 2017
Our client, an online B2B marketplace was launched yesterday in Johannesburg. XAfricaMart will peruse TradeSafe's API in order to provide secure escrow and payment services to its customer base.

TradeSafe to manage the competition funds in MeTime/Samsung Launching People competition

Sat, Jun 25 2016
TradeSafe, together with its partners MeTimeJobs, in association with Samsung Launching People, will once again be responsible for the management and disbursement of competition funds in a new Samsung Mixed Talents competition aimed at young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Small businesses are constantly trusting TradeSafe for their escrow needs

Fri, May 06 2016
Small businesses are realizing that a payment process such as escrow is becoming quintessential in the ensuring a seamless payment process.

Investments & Exits

Sun, Feb 02 2014

To appease working capital demands and shareholders’ constant demand for growth, companies may have to embark on aggressive acquisition drives which present a number of key challenges and risks. TradeSafe can assist you in successfully mitigating these risks associated with complex transactions.

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