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Weddings are times where memories must last a lifetime. Most couples allocate large budgets to the recording of the special day. Wedding albums, photographs, videos and other media are arranged to capture every moment.

You come across the platinum package in your local paper. For R10 000, you get everything; photos, video, wedding album…the works. You happily pay over the money as your wedding is a joyful day and the deal does sound pretty sweet. The big day comes. Exciting!

And then…no signs of the photographer. He does not return phone calls. He does not pitch at the event. You hastily make an alternative arrangement and land up with a friend taking photographs with a ‘point and press’ camera. What happened? You had absolutely no chance of ensuring that you were not scammed. Your day is ruined!!!

We have seen it happen!

Had the TradeSafe platform been used in this instance to secure the deal with the photographer, all of the pain and anguish would at least be reduced. You won’t have the photos, but at least you will still have your money.

Angry brides tell of wedding scams

Mon, Jan 06 2014

Mariaan Stols cried when she walked down the aisle. But these weren’t a bride’s tears of happiness. She cried because she was angry. Angry, she said, because she felt her big day had been ruined by her wedding planner.

'Scam artist' hits Daisies fest fans

Mon, Dec 02 2013

This article which was published on IOL highlights how a 'scam artist' left dozens of revellers high and dry outside the gates of the highly-anticipated Rocking the Daisies festival in Darling after he apparently sold them fraudulent tickets.

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