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TradeSafe is here to change how you buy and sell used goods. If you want to buy a Playstation in Boksburg, a kite in Llangebaan or a set of golf clubs in Bloemfontien, TradeSafe is the platform for you.

Online trading is full of fraudsters and with TradeSafe you can protect yourself from them and get the product you want, safely & securely.

Simply find what you want from your favourite online secondhand site and invite your counterpart to trade using the TradeSafe platform. Agree on a price and get all the details, pictures and documents uploaded into the trade. Transfer the funds to the audited Escrow Account and we will notify the seller once the funds have been cleared. They will send the item and you then have a pre-arranged inspection period to make sure you get what was advertised. If you are happy we release the funds. If not, you can renegotiate the terms of the trade or, as a final resort, use our arbitration service. Scams be gone!

Woman pays R15 500 for two real apples

Sun, Jan 05 2014
An Australian woman paid £900 for two REAL Apples after trying to buy a pair of iPhones on the online classified site, Gumtree. Had the money been safeguarded in trust by TradeSafe, she would not have lost her money!

Cybercrime costing SA

Wed, Oct 23 2013

Cyber crime is a national crisis costing the country a billion rand a year. The FBI in the United States listed South Africa as the sixth most active country where cyber crime took place. The article warns of the exponential increase of cybercrime and how no one can afford to drop their guard. It's a great example of where the TradeSafe escrow platform can protect your online presence. The benefit? With TradeSafe your security is assured.

Watch out for Scammers targeting Small Business Owners

Mon, Oct 21 2013
Business is not business as usual at all as scammers are getting smarter by the day. TradeSafe has a recipe for business peace of mind. We provide an online platform to facilitate your deal and keep you out of the scammer's reach. TradeSafe Buyer & Seller Security!

Waspa warns against new SMS scam

Mon, Oct 07 2013

The Wireless Application Service Providers' Association of South Africa (WASPA) has warned people trading in second-hand goods to be wary of a new scam where buyers send them fraudulent confirmations of bank deposits so that they can obtain the seller's goods for free.

Online Classifed Sites

Tue, Sep 10 2013
While online peer to peer auction and classified sites such as Gumtree and JunkMail refuse to get involved in the delivery and payment processes of the goods and services procured on their platforms, TradeSafe has a different approach. We provide step-by-step email correspondence detailing the progress of each trade so you know exactly where you, and your money, are in the transaction process.

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