Holidays & Rental Deposits

High hopes for your ideal family holiday come to a heart-wrenching halt when you discover the pictures in the ad fall dismally short of the real deal. Gutted, you realise you've lost your deposit and your sense of humour. With our third party escrow system you don't pay the deposit over to the holiday letting agent or owner. You leave it with us until you're satisfied the holiday house you booked is the one you've been given the keys to. The letting agent/owner is aware that the deposit is in safekeeping and will be paid over to them immediately once the holidaymaker advises that the holiday home is as advertised.

When you begin a lease agreement, you are usually required to deposit an amount equivalent to a month's rental to the landlord/owner. Problem is, at the end of the lease term, the landlord might refuse to refund you the full amount even if you kept the flat in good order. The landlord/owner tries to pin it on you, but you have a sneaky suspicion that the landlord/owner spent your money elsewhere. We have seen it happen!

Tenants are not always innocent. In many cases a tenant refuses to pay his/her month's rent and the landlord/owner has to approach the police or the courts to have the tenant evicted, costing him more than the actual rental amount.

All parties can benefit from the TradeSafe's escrow platform. All rental/holiday contract documents, details, inventory lists, images, rates etc. are uploaded into TradeSafe and the funds are deposited into the audited Escrow bank account. Once the rental is over or the holiday apartment has been checked out we release the funds less agreed deductions. If there is a dispute, we can facilitate arbitration on the matter! One thing is certain, anyone who misrepresents themselves or their products won't get paid. It really is that simple.

Tenants be aware of rental deposit scams

Thu, Aug 27 2015
The last thing that tenants want when looking to find a rental property is to fall victim to fraud. Rental deposit fraud is on the increase. When the lease expires, the tenant in most cases never received the deposit back from the landlord. Be wary of landlords or rental agents who request excessive deposit amounts or too many months' payment upfront or are never able to meet and show you the property in person.

SA holiday scammers at it again

Sat, Aug 01 2015

As people begin to plan their December holidays...ok we admit, we haven't started planning either..they tend to forget the pitfalls when planning a well deserved holiday. Every year, we hear horror stories about users who paid vast sums of money in deposits, only to find out that their dream holiday place a) does not exist or b) is completely misrepresented to what was advertised. Us Vaalies have been caught out before.

TradeSafe protects all holiday goers by keeping the money in the middle. If you are promised a seaside room and end up nowhere near the sea, but a house with a wall with picture of a boat, you will get your money back!

Students fall prey to rent scam

Tue, Jun 30 2015

Another scam that could have been easily prevented by TradeSafe. This time involving rental schemes. Tertiary students have been warned to be vigilant when searching for accommodation to avoid falling prey to fraudulent landlords.

Rental Scam

Tue, Nov 26 2013
CAPE TOWN - A popular Cape Town drama company could find itself out on the streets, after falling victim to an apparent property rental scam.

Watch Out for Holiday Accommodation Scams!

Wed, Oct 23 2013

Holiday house fraud is on the increase as the season approaches. Make sure you are covered by securing your holiday deals with TradeSafe and have the holiday you deserve! TradeSafe - Assuring Buyer and Seller security!

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