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Deciding on getting a new pet is one thing. Working out which breed of cat, dog, bird, hamster, another consideration entirely. Eventually the kids call it. They want a dog. A Staffie. A black one. You trawl the papers, pet shops and parlours for the perfect pup. Finally! You discover Black Beauty in Bloemfontein has just given birth to "a pitch black litter". Hooray! The kids want to call him Black Jack.

When the puppy arrives he's not black. He has the Staffie stance and tail, but also the distinct markings of a Spaniel. Is he the pure breed you paid for? Uh, he's no Black Jack! You've been scammed and Black Jack (or rather Fuzzy Fido) is now in your possession – and the exercise cost you a pretty penny too. What's worse, you've pre-paid the unscrupulous Seller for the delivery so you'll be keeping them in business for longer.

Enter TradeSafe

TradeSafe offers a safe and secure way to buy and sell goods, services, property and even furry children. The key ingredient to our success is simple: possession is nine-tenths of the law. As long as your cash is not handed over to the Seller before you have received and checked the little rascals, there is no risk that you will lose your money.

If the "pure-bred" baby 'Black Jack' turns out to be a Staffie-Spaniel cross, the Seller won't get paid. Use the TradeSafe Escrow platform and devious dealers will have a hard time scamming you.

Internet sites are a breeding ground for 'e-Con Artists'

Wed, Sep 04 2013

Pet lover Alec Mandevu learnt the hard way about the dangers of buying goods over the internet. He was cheated out of R8 500 after buying a Rottweiler puppy from a Bloemfontein based breeder.

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