Cars, Bikes & Watercraft

Buying and selling big-ticket items such as cars and boats online between complete strangers can be tricky.

Often your counterparty lives far away and the cost of a flight to inspect the vehicle is the deal breaker. TradeSafe bridges the gap between Buyer and Seller, offering a safe solution that restores balance to the trade exchange.

Simply find the car or boat you want from your favorite secondhand site, and then invite the other party to trade using the TradeSafe platform. Agree on a price and get all the details, pictures and documents uploaded into the trade.

Transfer the funds to us and we will notify the seller once the funds have cleared. The car, bike or boat will be dispatched to the buyer and the buyer will have the pre-arranged inspection period to make sure he/she got what was advertised. If the buyer is satisfied with the purchase, we will release the funds to the seller. If not, you can renegotiate or use our arbitration option.

A Holistic Solution

We are currently formulating a partnership deal with Dekra (reputable automobile testing center affiliated with the AA) so that the Seller can get a 'Multipoint Check' performed at a preferential discount. This will give the Buyer peace of mind as he/she will know the condition of the vehicle with confidence. There is also some added benefit for the Seller. Knowing that the car is in good running order will help the Seller in selling the vehicle faster. The Seller can also negotiate a higher price with the Buyer if the vehicle is stated as being in exceptionally good running order.

If your counterparty lives far away, you can make use of a reputable vehicle carrier such as AutoFreight ( Using an escrow service such as TradeSafe, together with vehicle testing centrers and vehicle carriers, provides a comprehensive and secure solution in purchasing or selling vehicles over long distances between strangers.

Vereeniging Vehicle Scam Warning

Tue, Oct 22 2013
A Junk Mail user was a victim of the Vereeniging Vehicle Scam. This is the user’s story:

Motor Vehicles & Watercraft

Tue, Sep 10 2013
The buying and selling of vehicles, boats and motorbikes are fraught with many dangers, some of which are life-threatening. Often the counter party lives in another city and it is not worthwhile to travel there to inspect the vehicle. TradeSafe removes this risk and offers a safe solution to the trading of these big ticket items.

Personal safety is a concern

Mon, Sep 09 2013
Safety is becoming a key factor why online consumers are reluctant to buy or sell goods using online classified websites. In acts of desperation, criminals are resorting to malicious and insidious acts of violence to get what they want. At TradeSafe, we reduce this risk significantly. If you select our preferred courier service (launching soon!), you will never interact with the counterparty...if you are buying goods, the only information the counterparty will have of you is your first name and email address!

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