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We are not a law firm and strongly recommend that you approach legal counsel when drawing up and entering into contractual agreements. Our legal counsel is Michael Judin of the premier boutique law firm Judin Combrinck Inc. which was established in 1936.  Mr Judin is an expert on escrow related contracts, particularly in relation to larger and more complex transactions.  Judin Combrink Inc are situated at the Wanderers Office Park Pavillion Building, 2nd Floor, 52 Corlett Drive, Illovo and can be contacted on telephone (011) 595-2300 for any assistance that may be required in terms of drawing up legal documentation/escrow agreements.

There are legal websites such as LegalWise and Net Lawman where precedent contracts are either free or available to be purchased at nominal prices (when you purchase a document from Net Lawman, you are granted a license to use that document – by a single individual or within a single business – as many times as you wish). These documents are compiled by experienced lawyers and are updated to take the latest changes in legislation into account.

Your use of the aforesaid and other similar websites is at your own risk and discretion and TradeSafe, its successors and assigns, accept no liability in the form of loss or damages of whatever nature resulting from the perusal of such precedent contracts.

Please note: Whichever legal document you use, we strongly suggest that an arbitration clause, such as the one below, be inserted into the contractual agreement:

"Should any disagreement arise between the Purchaser and Seller (The Parties) as to any matter arising from the agreement to sell and purchase, then either Party may refer the disagreement to an Adjudicator. The adjudication shall be conducted in terms of the Arbitration Association of Southern Africa's (AFSA) rules on expedited arbitrations, current at the time when the dispute is declared. The Adjudicator’s decision shall be final and binding on the Parties."

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