Versofy has partnered with TradeSafe
to ensure Buyer & Seller Security

Doing business online is extremely convenient however we are well aware of the scams and fly-by-nights that exist. This is why we have partnered with TradeSafe, a company that will keep your payment in trust until you are fully satisfied with the service received.

How does it work? Let’s say that you are installing new deck and have accepted a quote of R50k from a Versofy supplier. You pay the full amount to TradeSafe who keep it in escrow until the deck has been installed as promised.

Once you are satisfied, you notify TradeSafe who then release the money to the supplier. No more worries of suppliers running off with your money, or delivering poor workmanship.

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Why TradeSafe?

  • TradeSafe safeguards the Buyer’s funds in the middle.

  • The transaction won’t start until the Buyer deposits the money. The Seller won’t get paid if he/she does not deliver the service/goods according to the specifications of the advert.

  • No need to carry cash and worry about theft of cash.

  • TradeSafe incentives both parties to be honest. Selling party cannot misrepresent what he/she is selling as TradeSafe incorporates an in-built dispute resolution and arbitration mechanism.

  • Prioritises your protection. You may never have to meet the other party if the parties agree to use a courier service.

In Association with

How it works?


TradeSafe is an authorised Third Party Payment Provider with the Payment Association of South Africa (PASA) with license number SP001191 in terms of SARB Directive 1 of 2007. [Verify our membership here]

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