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Brand Resources

Download official TradeSafe logos, badges, and other assets to promote TradeSafe as a payment gateway to your customers.

Download our CI guide to learn how to use TradeSafe’s brand assets.

TradeSafe’s Logo Assets

Our official logo assets available for download.
There are three versions of the logo available to download.

Tagged Logo

Logo with the tag
‘assuring buyer & seller security’

Untagged Logo

TradeSafe logo assets without buyer seller security tagline

Integration Clients Only

Untitled design ()

TradeSafe logo assets with management
oversight by Standard Bank.

Learn More Banners

Download our “Learn More Banners” to promote TradeSafe’s banked-backed escrow payment technology.

Learn More Big Banners Red
Learn More Big Banners Black Blue

Social Banners

Download these Social Media Banners showcasing the Benefits of paying with TradeSafe. Our How It Works Banners display a simple, step-by-step process.

Social How It Works x Light

How It Works

Reassure your customers that they can shop with confidence using TradeSafe’s payment methods.

Social Benefits x Red


Show off the benefits of TradeSafe’s safe and intuative payment solutions.

Steps Banners

Download TradeSafe Escrow Steps Banners to illustrate the secure and seamless process of transacting, providing step-by-step visuals that build trust and confidence.

Steps Banners