Digital escrow for sellers

Sell confidently with TradeSafe

Partner with South Africa’s most trusted escrow service to
secure your online transactions, and ensure that you get paid.

Enjoy risk-free transactions
Eliminate bad debt
Enjoy risk-free transactions
Get paid every time, on time
Enjoy risk-free transactions
Fast-track business transactions
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Bad debt shouldn’t be business ‘norm’

Whether you’re selling goods or services, or letting go of personal valuables, we know that placing your trust in unknown buyers comes with the risk of fraud, tardy payments and financial loss.

Get paid every time, on time

TradeSafe enables you to sell with escrow, ensuring that your compensation is 100% secured before you deliver the contracted goods or services.

Deliver confidently

Payment is held in escrow, which means you can release the goods or services without worry.

No more unpaid invoices

TradeSafe releases the payment the same business day the transaction terms are met.

Reduce Admin

Our digital registration process for personal or business accounts makes setting up your account a breeze.

Refund management

Approve price adjustments and other refunds easily on our proprietary escrow platform.

Proof of funds

If the buyer does not have the funds to begin with, the transaction will not start. We save you time.

Host-2-Host processing

TradeSafe adopts Standard Bank’s host-to-host processing. We inform you immediately once the funds have been cleared.

Affordable fees as low as R49

The escrow fee can be paid by either party or split equally. Fees are affordable and are a fraction of what law firms would charge.

How it works

TradeSafe’s escrow protects buyers and sellers by holding the buyer’s funds in an escrow holding account until the seller delivers the goods or fulfils their obligations. Buyers get what they paid for, and sellers are guaranteed payment.

Step 1

You and the buyer agree on the terms of the deal

Create an account with TradeSafe, and either you or the buyer can create a transaction in minutes.
Step 2

Buyer deposits funds with TradeSafe

Once the buyer has deposited the funds in full with TradeSafe, we’ll issue a signed letter of comfort to you.
Step 3

You deliver the goods or services

Knowing that the funds are safe with TradeSafe you can confidently deliver your goods or services. Courier or tracking information can also be uploaded.

Step 4

Tradesafe instantly releases payment

Once the buyer has confirmed delivery of the goods or services, TradeSafe releases the funds to you instantly using Standard Bank’s Host-to-Host technology.

Anyone can sell confidently with escrow

TradeSafe removes the risks associated with online transactions and large-scale orders. Let’s put your fears of fraud and financial loss to rest, so you can deliver with confidence and get paid fast.


Whether you’re selling a car or a collectible, TradeSafe’s easy-to-use digital escrow service helps you to outsmart scammers and make private sales safely.


Sell with Standard Bank-supported escrow to enjoy upfront confidence in your buyers and eliminate the stress of not being paid.

Simon Just Standard Bank

Simon Just

Head Payments
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Standard Bank clients have a deep need to protect their businesses by ensuring they are able to control the flow of funds for the procurement of goods & services. Conversely, their suppliers look for assurance that payment is guaranteed. TradeSafe offers an escrow solution for buyers & sellers to transact safely and securely. Whether you are working with commercial buyers & suppliers, or checking-out at an online marketplace, TradeSafe ensures all parties are protected, building a safer South Africa.
Jan van den Handel img

Jan van den Handel

Executive Operational Finance

Our company frequently concludes contracts with clients that require us to use the services of smaller BEE partners. These smaller BEE partners do not have the financial capacity to meet the capital requirements of the client contract. The TradeSafe platform enabled us to effectively fund the BEE partner to meet their contractual obligations. The TradeSafe platform provided the assurance that the BEE partner met its obligations to its suppliers using the funds we had made available
Prince Chiramba

Prince Chiramba

Acquiring clients was easy. Getting the client to pay me was another story. Simply because both parties could not trust each other. With TradeSafe the client can’t scam me, and I can’t scam the client. I freelance comfortably without worrying about payments.
Gavin Deysel

Gavin Deysel

Co-Owner & Director
bounce online
Thank you TradeSafe for building a highly usable, user friendly gateway that has added measurable increases in first-time buyers and sales in general to our business.
Daniel Trevethan

Daniel Trevethan

TradeSafe’s attention to detail, commitment to customer service, and dedication to continually improving has been absolutely incredible. Choosing TradeSafe was a great move for our company and the products that TradeSafe offer have been vital for the smooth running of our website. Thanks again TradeSafe, keep it up!

Beat the risk, with TradeSafe

TradeSafe is South Africa’s longest-running digital escrow service, protecting businesses and individuals from transactional fraud and bad debt.


in transactions processed across 40 industries


as the longest running escrow provider in Africa


using the TradeSafe merchant integration


Standard Bank has management oversight of the escrow account.


Escrow funds are insured by iTOO, a division of Hollard


EY performs agreed-upon procedures in terms of international standards on related services


Authorised Third-Party Payment Provider with the PASA

Your money has never been safer

From multi-million rand commodity deals to antiques, luxury timepieces and second-hand cars, TradeSafe has been protecting online transactions since 2015.

Say goodbye to scams, fraud and bad debt, and sell with confidence

Whether you are transacting for yourself, your business, or your shop, Tradesafe is the safest way to transact online. Enjoy the freedom to transact without fear with TradeSafe’s bank-supported digital escrow service.

Sign up online

Click the “Transact Now” button and complete the simple online sign up form. Creating an account is free and only takes a few minutes.

Get verified

Your details will be instantly verified to ensure safe and secure transactions.

Create a deal

Once we have verified your details, you are ready to create your first deal using TradeSafe.

Sign up online

Click the “Transact Now” button and complete the simple online sign up form. Creating an account is free and only takes a few minutes.

Get verified

After uploading your business documents we’ll verify your account, which takes 2 - 3 hours.

Create a deal

Once we have verified your business, you are ready to create your first deal using TradeSafe.

Sign up an account

Verify your profile and add your business. Sole proprietors are welcome.

Register your App

Register your application in sandbox mode. Not a technical person? Just invite your developer. TradeSafe provides a playground, API documentation and other tools to aid you.

Test and go live

Once satisfied with integration, configure a few settings, upload the commercials, and request to go live. Your store is then then ready to transact.