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TradeSafe charges a single all-inclusive fee per transaction. No subscriptions or set up fees.

Please refer to the fee table applicable to the service you’d like to use. The table above outlines fees for our cloud-based escrow platform only, while the one below details our integration services, including fees for API and shopping cart plugins.

Platform fee table

This is the fee table that applies to the use of our escrow platform.

TradeSafe’s fees can be paid by either the buyer, the seller,the agent (if applicable) or split equally between the buyer and the seller or split equally between the buyer, the seller, and the agent. The escrow fee is calculated as a percentage of the transaction value. Use the table and calculator to see what amount will be charged for your transaction.

From To Fee (Inclusive of VAT)
R0 R10 000 1.15%
R10 001 R100 000 1.00%
R100 001 R500 000 0.85%
R500 001 R1 000 000 0.65%
R1 000 001 R5 000 000 0.45%
R5 000 001 R10 000 000 0.35%
Greater than R10 000 000.00 0.25%
From R0
To R10 000
Fee (Inclusive of VAT) 1.15%
From R10 001
To R100 000
Fee (Inclusive of VAT) 1.00%
From R100 001
To R500 000
Fee (Inclusive of VAT) 0.85%
From R500 001
To R1 000 000
Fee (Inclusive of VAT) 0.65%
From R1 000 001
To R5 000 000
Fee (Inclusive of VAT) 0.45%
From R5 000 001
To R10 000 000
Fee (Inclusive of VAT) 0.35%
From Greater than R10 000 000.00
Fee (Inclusive of VAT) 0.25%

Fee Calculator

Note: The minimum escrow transaction fee charged will be R49.00 (including VAT). All transactions involving petroleum, diesel, biofuel, oil & gas incur a flat fee of 1c per litre (excluding VAT).

Integration fee table

This is the fee table that applies to the use of our integrated services (API, shopping carts).

TradeSafe charges a single all-inclusive per transaction processed. The fee will be based on the payment gateway the customer chooses to make payment to the TradeSafe escrow holding account.

Please Note:

Volume discounts are available.

Settlements can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or settled directly to your escrow wallet.

Payment method Rate (Exclusive of VAT)
2.50% of the transaction value
0.75% of the transaction value
3.50% of the transaction value
5.25% of the transaction value
1.50% of the transaction value


Whether you’re selling a car or a collectible, TradeSafe’s easy-to-use digital escrow service helps you to outsmart scammers and make private sales safely.


Sell with Standard Bank-supported escrow to enjoy upfront confidence in your buyers and eliminate the stress of not being paid.

Anyone can sell confidently with escrow

TradeSafe removes the risks associated with online transactions and large-scale orders. Let’s put your fears of fraud and financial loss to rest, so you can deliver confidence and get paid fast.

Frequently Asked Questions about how TradeSafe Works

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