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Whether you’re selling a car or a collective, TradeSafe’s easy-to-use digital escrow service helps you to outsmart scammers and make private sales safely.


Sell with Standard Bank-supported escrow to enjoy upfront confidence in your buyers and eliminate the stress of not being paid.

Anyone can sell confidently with escrow

TradeSafe removes the risks associated with online transactions and large-scale orders. Let’s put your fears of fraud and financial loss to rest, so you can deliver confidence and get paid fast.

Frequently Asked Questions about how TradeSafe Works

What is 'escrow'?

Escrow is a legal arrangement in which cash is deposited for safekeeping with a neutral third party pending the completion of contractual obligations. Once the obligations have been met, the escrow agent (TradeSafe) will transfer the assets or cash to the other party as prescribed in the contract.

Who can use TradeSafe?

Anybody who is uncertain of the other party or feels unsafe or insecure when transacting. Buyers (including customers, clients, or investors) should use TradeSafe whenever they are asked to pay a deposit or full payment upfront before receiving the goods or services from the other party.

Sellers (including suppliers, service providers, and investee companies) should use TradeSafe to be certain that the buyer has the funds for the transaction to begin with.

Sellers are also guaranteed that they will be paid in full and on time (no more than 60 days in arrears…thank you very much)

What does TradeSafe cost?

Registration is free. We only charge a fee on a per transaction basis.

How do I sign up with TradeSafe?

Register your TradeSafe account online, for free. It’s an easy-to-follow process that takes just minutes, right here.