Fee Schedule

TradeSafe’s fees can be paid by either the Buyer, the Seller, the Agent or split equally between the Buyer and the Seller or split equally between the Buyer, the Seller and the Agent.

Fees are calculated as a percentage of your Trade amount, use the table below to see what percentage will be charged for your Trade.

Note: If the escrow fee falls below R 100.00 then the escrow fee charged will be R 100.00. This is to cover administrative costs and banking charges.

From To Percentage
R 0.00 R 10,000.00 1.00%
R 10,001.00 R 100,000.00 0.75%
R 100,001.00 R 500,000.00 0.50%
R 500,001.00 R 1,000,000.00 0.30%
R 1,000,001.00 R 5,000,000.00 0.20%
R 5,000,001.00 R 10,000,000.00 0.15%
R 10,000,001.00 R 20,000,000.00 0.10%
R 20,000,001.00 R 1,000,000,000.00 0.08%

All transactions involving petroleum, diesel, biofuel, oil & gas, and low alloy steels such as ferrochrome (chrome), zinc, copper and manganese will incur a flat rate of 0.08% of the value of the transaction (i.e. R800 for every R1,000,000).

API (Integration) Costs

The all-inclusive cost when using TradeSafe’s integration option is a flat rate of 1.5% (minimum of R2) of the value of the transaction. The 1.5% will apply to all transaction value bands and applies where the Buyer has selected manual or instant EFT as a method of payment. The R100 minimum fee no longer applies.

If the buyer selects VISA or MasterCard as method of payment, then the all inclusive cost is a flat rate of 3.0% (minimum of R2). Our rate is competitive when compared against other card payment gateways and includes TradeSafe’s escrow feature.

International & Cross-Border Transactions

These are tricky, especially if a conversion in currency is required. Please contact us so that we can structure a competitive pricing structure for you. The cost will be the percentage (as shown in the rate table above) plus an additional 0.25% of the value of the transaction. (We reiterate that the fee can be split amongst the parties to make it more economical.)

Business partners with reoccurring transactions will receive preferential pricing and discounts. Contact us to learn more about our Affiliate program and API.

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